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akalises the body, easily absorbed, energises, and supports better immunity, digestion and overall well-being.

F L A V ON - Natural  Plant-Based Pigment Products

  Synergy Effect - 100% Natural - Vitamins -Carotenoids - Fruit acids -Bioflavonoids - Polyphenols - Micronutrients - Fitohotmones
Oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological products.
Flavon has the highest (ORAC) levels

 Flavon comes in Packs
3 or 4 Jars Per Pack - No sign up fee for Club Members Prices.  Price per pack 120 GBP/Carton P&P in UK is £8

We have Flavon available to order, To do so please contact us

Our clients that benfited from Flavon!

Below Kasia talks about why Flavon and why she recommends it.


We use all together 40 different fruits and vegetables for our products

Test results of Brunswick Laboratories, the World's leading independent laboratory proves the outstanding ORAC value (antioxidant capacity) of our products that is second to none in the World
No preservatives, chemicals, food colorings, additives or artificial agents added

They have a unique, self-consistent gel consistency. This ensures high absorption and bioavailability.

The ingredients come from constantly tested, trustworthy suppliers who supplies us according to specifications and with proper
 certifications. 2-3 spoonful of any Flavon products – irrespective of seasons- provides you all the active substances of fruits and vegetables every single day of the year Besides the juice concentrate of sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, in many cases they contain seeds, peel grist and traditional spices to guarantee the highest possible synergy The special and trade secret production process ensures the preservation of the high content of active substances.

We have our own factory and laboratory so we can guarantee the highest quality all the time From the moment of receiving the ingredients, through quality control, production up to the final packaging, every step is controlled by ourselves

Our products are developed with the help of Prof. Dr. Zoltán Dinya, our scientific advisor who is Member of the Hungarian and Russian Academy of Science and researching the flavonoids for more than 40 years
Our products incorporate the scientific achievements of the World renown Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Györgyi who started the research of flavonoids

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