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These revolutionary products comes in packs of 4 Jars except  for Flavon Green Plus+ and Flavon Max Plus+ which come in packs of 3 Jars as they have higher amounts of antioxidants and plant-based pigment.

One jar of this jam contains 70-80 lbs (30-40 kg) concentrated fruits, berries and vegetables preserved by apple pectin which is the natural preservative from the skin of apple. Using it every day completely substitutes your daily vitamin and digestive enzyme supplements. Flavon max is unprocessed and raw. The fruits and vegetables are from pure source, biologically matured, no pesticides, no chemicals. The product contains the seeds and the skin which is the richest in flavonoids, vitamins and minerals.

How it is different from your regular encapsulated or pill form supplements?  Why should you switch to Flavon Max?

The answer is very simple: you should not waste your money to get a maximum benefit of the product you are using day to day and month to month. Simply compare jam and pill qualities you will see that our body absorbs only 15% from the pill and 95% from Flavon jam. It is an easy math test to see how much money we just wasted.

Consuming Flavon Jam, I know that I am not only using 95% of the precious nutrition but each spoon of it is not a waste… The theory behind this knowledge is simple. It takes time and effort for the body to get the pill to the digestive organs, so by the time it get’s there it loses most of it’s components.

As soon as you put Flavon Jam into you mouth, it immediately starts being absorbed through your pallet. The way of delivery of such a precious product is fascinating…  Another fact that won my attention is that Flavon Jam uses natural preservative apple pectin. It gives the product not only a great taste but does not pollute the body with chemicals.

Flavon max contains vegetable pigment .

Among these polyphenols, flavonoids, antocyan, proantocyanids and carotinoids are the most important ones. These vegetable matters of outstanding antioxidant effect have come to the fore in scientific research. Research findings have proved that they play a very important role in healthy nutrition.

It is the special production process that allows the components to go into the product with their values instead of extract form.

  We discovered these products a few years ago, once we tried them out and shared them with our customers. The rest is History!
 You have the antioxidant equivalent of 6 servings of vegetables or and fruits in each 6g spoonful  of Flavon.
 Alkalises the body, easily absorbed, energises, and supports better immunity, digestion and overall well-being.

We love them because they are: Free from  GMO - 100% Natural - Raw - Sugar-free - No Artificial Colours - No Junk -- Vegan

 Comes in packs  4 Jars
except Flavon Max Plus
and Flavon Green Plus

1 jar  lasts for around 30 days

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Starter Pack  4 jars - £120.00
Family  Pack 4 jars - £120.00
ORAC  Pack 4 jars - £120.00
Max Plus+ Pack  3 jars - £120.00
Green Plus+ Pack 3 jars - £120.00
Kids Pack 4 jars - £120.00
Max  Pack 4 jars - £120.00
Protect  Pack 4 jars - £120.00
Active Pack  4 jars - £120.00
Any 10
Packs £1,200.00 (free delivery)
Note: You can mix and match the 4 Jars
P&P in UK is £8

Flavon Max Plus
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